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Cultivating Presence and Kindness—a podcast interview with Janet of her healing journey by Joan Advent


Joan comments on the interview

Almost five years ago, I was a devoted wife and mother, working as a therapist. I had left my spiritual community four years prior feeling constrained by a form that no longer resonated. I yearned to birth my own form, to create an expression of my own emerging wisdom. Little did I know as I walked away what my journey would hold.

Soon after I set aside my personal goals and desires to support my daughter through a healing crisis that consumed me, and all of my resources for a few years. For that time my world shrunk and my commitment to supporting her affected all areas of my life including my own health and marriage. I knew going in I would pay a price but I also knew I couldn’t walk away. I had to give it my all. I did. And it paid off.

My dreams and calling didn’t go away but were gestating deep below the surface. I was feeding them by collaborating with a soul sister on local women’s circles where we supported other women in clarifying and living their dreams. After a few years my husband hit a big milestone birthday and began to have health issues. A part of me began to panic—is this what the rest of my life will look like—sitting in doctors offices with the other old couples.

I was burnt out and going through the motions. I yearned for more but wasn’t sure how to get off the hamster wheel of care-giving I was on.

Life intervened on my behalf. I went to a weekend training in Charlottesville with a Wise woman and Healer I had met years before. She has helped my daughter then 6 months old, heal a birth trauma that was impeding her ability to roll over.

A master healer and wisdom teacher, Janet Evergreen introduced our group to the power of healing trauma through the body and specifically our Vagus Nerve, the longest nerve in our nervous system. It was a revolutionary training as it included dim lights, supportive contact and time for rest.

I entered the training feeling like a dry parched neglected houseplant. Almost immediately my Being responded to the deep nourishment and support. Something vital and alive came back online that weekend. Through Janet’s guidance and the portal of my body I began to remember myself and the nourishing power of the Feminine.

It’s my great pleasure to share a recent conversation with Janet on my latest episode of the podcast. Our time together was like a relaxing warm bath. A perfect antidote to any stress or anxiety you might be facing at this busy time of year.

I invite you to cozy up, dim the lights and give a listen. I guarantee you will come away feeling more relaxed and renewed. It’s one of the best gifts I can imagine giving you.

With Love,

New Videos & Slideshows

  • Baby CST 2023

    A CST session with Baby Elaia, his family, and a few student observers.

  • Creative Opposition

    One of the necessary places for secure attachment is that people in the attachment relationship are willing to be with each other and with ‘what is.’ That includes angry feelings, frustrated feelings, unhappy, distressed feelings and difficulties and conflicts, and to not go into isolation or withdraw. When the support is there affect regulation can be optimized and the person will be able to live within a range that they can work through life experiences in the moment.

  • INEPE Teens Learn about ACE and Polyvagal System

    Imagine learning Touch Skills, theory and embodiment of healing when you were a teen with your friends, family, colleagues or community. Here see INEPE school embrace the teachings. So Beautiful!

  • Inspiration-Ecuador 2019

    Traveling with companion Doug Zink, we were welcomed to the owner-built home of David Lasso. Organs and Vagus system class, at INEPE followed. We were blessed by a visit to El Crator and days in vibrant Quito with friends. Somatic Dialogue for Couples class filled us with love. Purified at Papallecta Hot Springs, we were prepared for retreat.

  • Ecuador 2019 Summer Retreat

    Cultivating Wisdom and Compassion. Beautifully located at Permaculture Farm Pelugo our group of yogis and yoginis, doctors, scientists, teachers, and community indigenous women leaders prayed, created sacred space and made offerings, Zapchen touch with humming and healing, creative opposition to stand in authenticity. We laughed, cried, shared our dreams, love for self, others and our planet. So grateful.

  • Ecuador Summer 2018

    Beautiful photos of our 10 day retreat, visiting with friends and family and teaching at INEPE School CST 2. Supporting families, visiting a spa overlooking a volcano, soaking in hot springs. So much gratitude to my translators, my cousin Melanie Rios, and everyone.

  • Ecuador Retreat Summer 2018

    Song to Pachamama. Celebrating completion of 10 day meditation retreat.

  • Benefits of CST

    Janet describes the benefits of Craniosacral Therapy with Spanish subtitles and beautiful photography, including students learning CST at INEPE school. Produced by David Lasso.

  • Learning Together—Riverbluff Sanctuary

    Photos by April Bennet and others, beauty of changing seasons.

  • Exploring Vagus One & Retreat Quito, Ecuador 2017

    Each year gets better; learning and growing together. Amazing diversity of professionals from the city, teachers from INEPE, community leaders, and rural indigenous women.

Babies and Children

  • Infants and Babies CST

    CST 2 trainings in Virginia and Ecuador from 2005 to 2014 demonstrating the benefit and necessity of every baby receiving Craniosacral Therapy. It is vitally important that families receive education in Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Attachment Theory.

  • Babies and Toddlers CST

    Held in February 2013 in Ecuador. Auyankey (age 2) and his Mom with Janet Evergreen as he redoes his Cesarean Birth at Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar in Quito. Andina University has generously sponsored events for several years bringing together indigenous elders and shamans with western alternative medicine healers and doctors to share knowledge and wisdom. Narration (with translation) at INEPE’s Facebook Page in the album Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Toddlers. Photos taken by Kalie Ilana, Luna 13 Photography.

INEPE Community School

  • INEPE Teens

    The highlight of my time in Ecuador 2006-2015 is being with the INEPE school teens. In this video you will also see some friends who accompanied us over the years: Ninni Baeckstrom-Mosaic Artist, Dr. Nancy Union-Acupuncturist, Kalie Cassel-Feiss-Photographer, and Sonya Ullrich-Somatic Educator.
    Photos by Kalie Cassel-Feiss and Diego Falconi.

  • Friends of INEPE

    INEPE students reflecting the spirit of the school as they learn Craniosacral Therapy, Embryology, and Zapchen. The beauty and excitement of community members learning together is contagious.

  • Ecuador February 2016

    A 3-day meditation retreat for the INEPE teachers and staff (60 people attended). We taught HIP (Help Increase the Peace) to the INEPE youth, then CST Part 1 and Part 3 to the professional community with our Quito team. We joyfully listened to a music concert by INEPE youth expressing gratitude for the new music rooms, the community support for music and the 3 silver flutes and 2 violins we brought. We were blessed to spend time with friends at Casa de Cultural Peace Center and the Permaculture Farm and Education Center. Explored Itchimbia Park, an ancient Ceremonial Solstice and Equinox Site and delighted in the hikes and baths at Papallecta Hot Springs.

  • Organic Gardening at INEPE

    The students at INEPE Community School maintain an impressive organic garden. In 2021, the Department of the Environment of the City of Quito awarded the school a Distinction in Environmental Sustainability. This video features aerial views of the school garden and shows the student farmers in action.

Ecuador Explorations

  • Ecuador February 2017

    Zakira Beasley volunteered with Howito and Janet for this trip to support INEPE teachers, youth, and community. We began the trip with a Birth Process Workshop held at a Permaculture Farm. Then at INEPE, staff and school teachers enjoyed a three day meditation retreat. Youth learned Vagus Touch Skills, bringing more class harmony, and the community came together for five days of Vagus System and Organs Class, including several women leaders of indigenous tribes. As always, we ended our adventure at Papallacta enjoying organic gardens, hiking trails and relaxing in hot springs.

  • Ecuador August 2016

    Nature of Mind Meditation Retreat held August 2016 in Pelugo, Ecuador. Our third annual event took place at a beautiful permaculture farm. We loved it so much we plan to return again next year. May our practices benefit all beings.

Cosmic Grandparents

  • Cosmic Grandparents 2017

    Celebrating Elders in Charlottesville, VA and Quito, Ecuador. Remembering the Mayan prophecy which says that when the Eagle and Condor fly wing tip to wing tip, we will have peace.

Basket Making, Weaving Community

  • Abundant Seed Basketmaking Workshop 2016

    These photos were taken at a basketmaking workshop at The Abundant Seed Camp in Shuyler, VA. It was beautiful to be a part of a group of elders and youth creating and sharing together.

  • Living Earth Foundations Workshop 2017

    These photos were taken at a Living Earth Adult Foundations Program in Virginia. I was hired to teach basket making at the Living Earth School Spring 2017. My husband Howie as always was a great support. It was a beautiful day in our glorious Virginia woods. Jacob Chang-Rascle, one of their summer campers created this video of their year long adult program including weaving in our day around the sacred fire.

    Living Earth Foundation